Webinar: Secret Season Edible Gardening with Pam Peirce

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We are so excited to welcome back Pam Peirce. Learn from the author of ‘Golden Gate Gardening’ (the literal go-to edible gardening book for the Bay), as she teaches us about this under-appreciated season. January through March is one of the best vegetable-growing seasons in the Bay Area, and the one least utilized. In this class you’ll learn how to select varieties for this time of year, when and how to plant them, and what crops are best for winter-into-spring container gardens. Even in drought years, you will rarely need to water “secret season” crops and will still reap delicious rewards. We’re so glad Pam can impart her vast knowledge with us virtually!

Webinar notes: Crops, varieties, and timing for the Secret Season

Webinar Outline Growing Food in winter: The Secret Season in the Greater Bay Area

  1. My discovery of winter gardening and the Secret Season
  2. The four-season food garden—how the Secret Season Fits In
    • Advantages using the January through March season
  3. What to plant in the Secret Season
    •  What to start indoors, and when
    • Some tips for successful indoor seed starting
    • What seed has to be direct sown in the garden
  4. Two tasty wild vegetables to harvest in the Secret Season (and how to grow them in your garden)
  5. Solving some problems of planting in the Secret Season
    •  Preparing to the garden plant for planting
    • Avoiding too-wet soil
    • Arranging the garden—handling shade well
    • Protecting against frost—understanding the hardiness of crops
    • Protecting against Secret Season pests
  6. Biennials—what they are, how to use them
  7. Special concerns of container gardeners

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