Webinar: How to Prune Citrus

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Correct citrus pruning is important for fruit production and disease resistance over time. Learn from Elizabeth Ruiz, aesthetic pruner and garden designer. Her classes are a must to understand the most effective citrus pruning techniques.

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  1. When to prune citrus
  2. Pruning a single truck citrus
  3. Pruning a multi trunk citrus
  4. Q & A

Citrus Products:

  • Citrus and fruit tree food – from e. b. stone
  • azalea, camellia and gardenia – e. b. stone
  • Liquid Iron from – Greenall
  • Iron & Zinc – liquinox
  • Sul, Po Mag – e. b. stone
  • Mycorrhizae – plant success
  • Sure start – e. b, stone
  • agricultural lime
  • rapiclip soft wire
  • Organocide bee safe 3 in 1 – insecticide, fungicide, and miticide
  • Capitan Jack’s – insecticide

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