Webinar: Healthy Soil for a Healthy Garden

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Webinar Outline:

Did you know that beautiful, pest-free gardens start in the soil?  We welcome back soil expert Charlotte Canner from OWOW (Our Water Our World) as she shares tips to get your garden ready for the season from the soil up. She’ll explain why healthy soil is beneficial for plant growth, pest reduction, and water efficiency in your garden. Charlotte will also show us how to build and maintain nutrient-rich soil, whether starting with a bare lot or a mature garden. This class is for all levels of gardeners.

  • Welcome

  • What is the OWOW program?

  • Watersheds & Water Quality

  • Introduction to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  • Introduction to Soil

  • Healthy Soil for a Healthy Garden

    • Feeds plants sustainably

    • Increases water efficiency

    • Improves health of plants to defend against pests

  • How do we make our soil healthy?

    • Benefits of Compost & how to use it

    • Using Organic Fertilizers

    • Using Mulch & Sheet Mulching

    • Planting Cover Crops

    • Planting perennials

    • Increase Permeable surfaces

  • Buying Soil

  • Soil & Climate

  • Online Resources

  • Q&A


Shopping list:

  • Bags of organic compost, loam builder
  • Bags of Soils:
    • planting mix
    • potting mix
  • Bags of mulch
  • Organic fertilizers
    • dry fertilizers, such as EB Stone Organics and Down to Earth
    • liquid fertilizers, such as Fox Farm Big Bloom, PNW Organics, True Organics
  • Cover Crop seeds
  • Plant reference book
    • Sunset Western Garden Book
    • Plants & Landscapes for Summer Dry Climates
    • Golden Gate Gardening



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