Webinar: Growing Succulents 101

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Join Sloat staffer Taylor Pochron as he leads us in a webinar on the basics of growing succulents successfully. He discusses plant care, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Taylor also demonstrates how to put together a succulent container combination. Excellent for any level of succulent gardener! Scroll down for this webinar’s outline and resource list.


Webinar: Growing Succulents 101: Taylor Pochron


  • About me (Taylor)
  • Sloat’s Succulent Soiree
  • Invitation for Q&A

Overview on different types of ‘Succulents’

  • What makes a plant a succulent
  • Discuss the huge variety out there

Light Requirements

  • Discussion about growing indoor
  • Species that excel in high or low light
  • Effect of light on leaf development
  • What does stress/damage look like?

Soil composition

  • “Cactus/Succulent Mix”
  • What is High drainage soil?
  • Possible soil amendments
  • Nutrient requirements
  • Microbiology (Mycorrhizae)

Watering and Root development

  • Knowing when to water
  • Watering tips for different situations
  • Do some require more water than others?

Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

  • Insects: Aphids, Mealy, mites
  • Rodents & other pests
  • Sun & Water stress
  • Other common grievances

Propagation Methods and Tips

  • Stem cuttings
  • Leaf Propagation
  • Timeline and Expectations

Succulent Arrangements

  • How to simply create a succulent bowl
  • Transplanting and handling roots
  • Tools and techniques for easy repotting
  • Design & color scheme example

Open Discussion

  • Question and Answer
  • Elaborate on any earlier topics
  • Conclusion & social media


Growing Succulent 101 Supplies List


  • Succulents
  • Cacti
  • Any plants with similar requirements

Soil Mixes:

  • E.B. Stone Cactus & Succulent Soil
  • Sloat Indoor Potting Soil
  • Any high drainage soil mix

Amendments :

  • Perlite
  • Volcanic Pumice
  • Coco Coir
  • Bark


  • Grow More ‘Cactus Juice’
  • E.B. Stone ‘Sure Start’
  • Plant Success Mycorrhizae
  • Tappin Roots ‘Natural All Stages’


  • Short Cylinder 8” & 12” (Blue, White, Jade, Black)]
  • Low Bowl 8” & 14” (Terra Cotta)
  • Ribbed Bowl 8” & 10” (Terra Cotta)
  • Shallow Terra Cotta Pot
  • Any cool pot you can find with a hole


  • Keeper Stoppers (Drainage Netting)
  • Sloat Kneeling Pad
  • Topdressing Rocks
  • Space to make a mess

Tools Used

  •  Trowel
  • Gloves
  • Snips/Pruners
  • Bonsai rake
  • Watering Can

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