Webinar: Composting Basics

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Compost is an integral ingredient in a healthy garden; it adds nutrients to soil and makes soil resilient during drought. In this one-hour webinar, Charlotte Canner will discuss what compost is, why it’s such an important part of a healthy garden, and what compost can do in the fight against climate change. She’ll cover different options for making compost at home in any space, and what steps to take for each methodology.


  • Understand what compost is
  • Understand why compost is awesome!
  • Learn how to make & use compost
  • What are the difference of each methodology


  • What is compost?
  • Why is compost so wonderful?
  • Compost & Climate
  • Composting Systems
  •  Making Compost
    • 3-Bin System
    • Single Bin System
    • Worm bin
  • Using Compost
  • Troubleshooting
  • Choosing a system

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