OrnamenTrap Yellow Jacket Trap

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otyj_backyard_copy_for_blogHornets and yellow jackets have been extra busy during the drought. Not only did their nests from last year remain intact (instead of being washed away in rain), they have made further excursions into garden areas where irrigation has been reduced. Yellow jacket traps are a good solution, but let’s be honest; they are not the most attractive object to have hanging in the yard.

Enter the OrnamenTrap Yellow Jacket Trap. It catches all major species of yellow jackets, and looks good while doing its job! It offers the same great performance as the disposable yellow jacket trap, but with a decorative element. Just add water and the attractant packet will dissolve and start luring yellow jackets to the trap. Catch queen yellow jackets in spring, and workers from summer through fall. This trap won’t attract beneficial honeybees. Also, there are no killing agents – insects drown. The metallic plastic cover has the look of copper and the traps are reusable.

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