Make a Succulent & Tillandsia Wreath

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Learn to create a unique holiday wreath with Sloat Garden Center designer Jennie Strobel. In this video, Jennie guides us through building a wreath using succulents and Tillandsia. Scroll down for written instructions.

  • wreath form
  • succulents
  • Tillandsias
  • craft wire
  • ribbon
  • optional: cut greens
  1. Determine what will be the top of your wreath
  2. Decide on the design you’ll use. Will your arrangement circle around the whole wreath?  Or do you want to focus your design to the top/bottom/side of the wreath?
  3. Use the wire to wrap around succulent cuttings and attach them to the metal wreath base
  4. Continue to add succulents and Tillandsias using the wire.  Incorporate mixed greens by either wiring or working them through the wreath form until they feel secure.
  5. Time to incorporate ribbon. Ribbon can be used to create a hanger for the wreath and/or use as an accent bow.
  6. Put your creation in a space that has bright indirect light. Mist the succulents and Tillandsias 2x/week to keep your creation looking fresh.
  7. Once the holidays are over, remove succulent cuttings and transplant them to your garden or containers. Tillandsias can be moved to indoor vases or terrariums

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