July plant pick: Mandevilla

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6124-red-riding-hood-mandevilla-close-up-MNMandevilla are one of the showiest tropical plants to use in a sheltered patio. Grow them in a large pot climbing a trellis, draping, or even in a hanging basket.

They are fast growing evergreen vines with 2-3” flowers in shades of red, white and pink — they flower from about April to October. Mandevilla grow best in filtered light and facing south with protection from hot afternoon sun. In the winter time bring the plants indoors for frost protection, or else use frost protection cloth.

For best results use Sloat Organic potting soil or Planting mix. Feed with a high phosphorous fertilizer (such as Maxsea Bloom) and remove spent blooms regularly for a continuous blooming period. They can grow between 6ft and 20ft depending on the variety.


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