2020 Dormant Rose Selection

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Our 2020 dormant roses are in the stores and ready for your garden. We only buy California grown roses, which results in a healthier rose (and a smaller carbon footprint).

Learn how to plant dormant roses.

Our selections for 2020:



About each Rose:

Making a graceful entrance into a well-deserved premium spot of your garden, State of Grace will add poise and refinement to your outdoor décor with its attractive old-fashioned soft apricot-gold with dark pink reverse flowers. These stylish blossoms are as beautiful in the garden as in a vase. State of Grace exemplifies the improved modern antique style. The old-rose romance, style and fragrance was maintained but we ameliorated the disease resistance and ensured the plant is very well-balanced with a rounded even habit that is not too tall and rangy so you can still enjoy the prolifically produced blooms at eye level. Easy-to-grow, the variety is chock full of large clean leaves, especially resistant to rose diseases on the west coast with acceptable performances for its type in other climates.

That’s it! I have a crush on Love at First Sight! This variety is not your grandma’s old Hybrid Tea. It has improved qualities such as vigorous upright yet compact well-balanced habit with abundant large glossy disease-resistant foliage, great for mixing with other plants in the landscape or to grow in a pot. It’s hard not to fall in love with the abundance of well-formed red & white bicolor flowers. The love for these flowers goes on and on as the medium red coloration lasts until the petals drop. The medium-long length stems with rounded, globular and very full of petals flowers of Love at First Sight are perfect for a trendy bouquet that can be used to spread

Human eyes don’t lie. They are a reflection of personality and capable of expressing many feelings such as love & passion. Similar emotions await deep in the heart of the flowers of In Your Eyes with the petals revealing a large, very novel burgundy-red eye that ages to deep purple. Imagine the contrast with the fresh yellow petals fading to light lavender-pink and you know why there are decades of breeding work behind such a creation. The flowers are not the only attraction In Your Eyes has to offer. The bush is vigorous and has proven to have very good disease resistance in many areas of the US. Rest assured, those amazing flowers will be continuously produced in nice clusters to cover the rounded plant with color. For bee lovers, the moderate fruity with spices fragrance seems to be exactly what bees are looking for as the flowers are constantly visited by our pollinator

Kaboom! If you are still standing on your feet after admiring the flowers of Burst of Joy in your garden, you have great balance because those electric and vivid flowers of brilliant orange with bright yellow reverse coloration will knock your socks off. The eruption of radiant colors comes in perfectly shaped buds and opened blooms produced in abundance right on top of a vigorous, upright, bushy and uniform plant. The stems of Burst of Joy are long enough to make a stylish bouquet that will also generate smiles inside the house as the flowers last and last, holding their intense color until the very end!

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