Winter care of citrus

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Well-fertilized trees are healthier and more resistant to cold weather damage so continue to fertilize through the winter with any of the citrus foods Sloat carries with supplemental iron and zinc. No pruning is necessary now, major pruning is done in the spring.

Meyers Lemons and all limes would be best harvested before temperatures drop to 30 to 32 degrees F. Eureka and Lisbon Lemons, have thicker skins and can hang on the trees without damage to 26 to 28 degrees F. Owari Satsuma Mandarins and Dancy Tangerines can also tolerate dips into the upper twenties.

Potential cold damage is a combination of time and temperature factors. Brief dips to the mid 20’s will not damage citrus, prolonged temps in the teens will. Use Harvest Guard Cover to protect your citrus. Container plants can be moved next to a wall or cement sidewalk for retained/reflected heat out of the wind. Plants should be watered at the drip line before the temperature dips.

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