Webinar: DIY Urban Native Plant & Pollinator Habitats

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We are happy to welcome the team from @SFinBloom: Phoenix (from Green Earth Gardeners), and Shalaco (of Shalaco Studios). They have a passion for transforming urban gardens into native plant and pollinator habitats. Join us as they share easy tips and tricks to planting your own urban native plant oasis. Webinar outline is below!



Webinar outline

DIY: Urban Native Plant and Pollinator Habitats
By: Phoenix and Shalaco of SFinBloom

● Benefits, Threats & Definition

  • Trees save lives. 30% of food depends on pollinators which are
    under threat from pesticides, habitat intrusion, and erratic
  • Native, endemic, indigenous, invasive plants definition and

● History of Guerilla Gardening and overlap with land conservation and

  • What we’ve been doing & The community response.
  • How you can do it in your own yard.

■ Example of a converted yard.

■ Statistics on impact. Minimum needed to start. You can
do this with a planter in a windowsill.

  • How we are encouraging it in our community.
  • Come garden with us and follow us to learn more: @sfinbloom

● Handouts Links to volunteer & Resources:
https://greenearthgardeners.com/sfinbloom | titok.com/@sfinbloom

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