Meet our Family of Local Producers & Growers: Tappin’ Roots

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Produced locally in Santa Rosa, Tappin’ Roots makes safe and effective plant fertilizers based on the Berryessa family’s longtime Basque recipes.

About the Berryessa family

The Berreyesa family was a substantial clan of Basque-heritage settlers in early Northern California who held extensive land in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. They farmed various crops over the decades (cherries, figs, and a plethora of CA native crops), and created their own homemade fertilizers for them. Some of the Tappin ‘Roots formulations have been passed down through the generations until they were shared with horticultural enthusiasts. The same secret recipes are still used today with Tappin’ Roots.

Quality fertilizers

Sloat Garden Center carries three Tappin’ Roots formulas: All Stages is made of botanical extracts for fine-tuning all stages of growth and promoting flowering and fruiting. It acts fast to help plants in decline perk back up. Essential Grow (8-4-4) is highly effective and nutrient-dense to provide plants a solid foundation to thrive. For use on flowers, edible plants, trees, and more. Solid Bloom helps produce an explosion of flowers and fruit.

Tappin’ Roots offers multiple benefits to plants at any stage of development, but truly works wonders on new transplants. It is safe to use, won’t burn tender roots, increases propagation success rates, and eliminates transplant shock. For gardeners looking to avoid the perils of synthetic products, Tappin’ Roots promises 100% natural ingredients that work fast, yet pose no risk of burning. Safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, eco-friendly. It can be used alone or in conjunction with any fertilizer and produces visible results in 1-3 days.

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