Profile: San Francisco’s Pierce Street store

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Morris and teamMorris Jackson started with Sloat Garden Center at our Sloat Boulevard store 8 years ago, and then moved across town to manage our San Francisco Pierce Street/Marina location. Below Morris answers a few questions about the store.

What makes the Pierce Street (SF) location special?
Most people who live in the neighborhood have about a six block radius in which they roam. We’re their local neighborhood garden center. Our customer base is as diverse as our neighborhood; apartment dwellers, homeowners, businesses, professional gardeners, and interior designers. And, we have our regulars; they always brighten our day when they drop by. This is a true neighborhood and we love being a part of it.

Please tell us about your staff. We’re just a bunch of plant geeks always checking to see what’s growing, blooming, and doing well in the neighborhood. Our interests are varied: California natives, drought-tolerant plants, creating custom planters, and design. We all love helping our guests create a garden or interior space that fulfills their needs and dreams. For most of us, our passion for plants is inherited.

What types of plants do you carry? I do believe that we have the best selection of houseplants in the city. Since we’re so small, we try to carry all the basic bedding and nursery plants, but we love to spice it up with the unusual that you can only find at our location. We try to carry plants that we know will do well in our little microclimate. Our selection of succulents is outstanding!

How do you help identify pest and disease issues for customers? Being a gardener and plant geek, I see first-hand what’s going on with plants, what grows best, and what pests are a problem. This makes it easier for me to play “plant problem detective” when someone comes in with a photo or leaf showing a problem. It’s also easier to recommend a product when I believe in and use it myself.

What is your favorite plant? Right now it’s Dendrobium Nobile, “the bamboo orchid”. It has a subtle fragrance, and I like
how the flowers cover the bamboo- like stalks. The coconut orchid is another favorite. I love coming into the store in the morning when we have them in…the whole store smells just

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