Our garden guru answers an early tomato question…..

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Dear Garden Guru,
We have just moved to Forest Hill area. Is it too late to plant tomatoes? If yes, how about in a pot? Best regards, Lynn


Dear Lynn-
You are definitely not too late in planting tomatoes. The season is just beginning! We have tomato starts in stock now for those gardeners that want to get a jump start….and April is certainly tomato time. Varieties for your area are the small to medium sized slicers and cherry types. You will want a short day variety, something that ripens less than 75 days. Good candidates are Early Girl, Siletz, Sun Cherry, Sweet 100, Black Krim, Green Zebra, Visitacion Valley, and Stupice to name a few. Use this time to prepare the ground with Loam Builder and Agricultural Lime (needed calcium to prevent blossom end rot). If you choose pots, determinate types (those that do not vine ), are best. Don’t forget the tomato cage!

Thanks for gardening with us,
The Garden Guru

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