Fall Garden Prep Checklist

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  • Clean up dead leaves, deadhead flowering plants- diseased leaves should go in the garbage, the rest can go in the compost pile
  • Mulch with compost or Forest Mulch to amend the soil and keep down weeds
  • Pull weeds before they have a chance to drop seeds
  • Divide perennials
  • Move perennials and shrubs between now and January-prune back lightly first
  • Continue to bait for snails with Sluggo
  • Strip roses Dec-Jan, prune in Jan-Feb
  • Fertilize cymbidiums with 6-25-25 food
  • Fertilize azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons with 0-10-10 food
  • Fertilize blue hydrangeas with aluminum sulfate now for bluer blooms
  • Fertilize winter color with all purpose plant food (primrose, cyclamen)
  • Continue to fertilize citrus with citrus food
  • Reseed lawns, fertilize lawns/use pre-emergent
  • De-thatch lawns if necessary
  • Clean and store tools- rub down with alcohol after each use, use white lithium grease to grease them, store shovels and saws in a bucket of sand with a little oil (5 parts sand-1 part oil)
  • Select bulbs now- refrigerate tulips, crocus and hyacinth for 6-8 weeks, plant anytime from late October to December 31
  • Turn the irrigation back on if the rain stops and the temperatures drop in January (or any winter month) to hydrate plants to help prevent severe freeze damage

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