Herbs: Cilantro

How to grow Cilantro

Well-drained soil is essential when growing cilantro. If drainage is poor, work in plenty of organic matter or grow in raised beds or containers. Also work in a complete fertilizer (E.B. Stone Organic All Purpose, Tomato & Vegetable Food, Sure Start or Alfalfa Meal for vegetarians and vegans).

Choose the sunniest location in your yard, either in the ground or a pot, to plant cilantro. Cilantro likes six to eight hours of full sun; even foggy sun. Plant seeds and keep watered. Cilantro can be tucked in to established beds and borders, or planted in a pot close to the kitchen door.

As cilantro grows it should be kept pinched back…especially since it will go to seed as soon as temperatures rise. Replant through summer for a continuous crop (it grows quickly). The pollen of bolting (flowering) cilantro is a good food source for beneficial insects. When insects pollinate it, the seed that is harvested (coriander) can be used in the kitchen or replanted.

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