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Webinar: Fall Pruning Basics   We welcome back pruning expert Elizabeth Ruiz as she goes over fall pruning basics. Effective fall pruning helps keep the garden looking terrific and gets plants… Read More

Webinar: Rethinking the Lawn

Got a green monster in your garden? Tired of watering and mowing? Eliminating your lawn is the answer! We’ll watch a short video on the best… Read More

Webinar: Houseplants Care 101

As we move into the ‘Indoor Season’, join our Indoor Plant expert Taylor Pochron as he discusses general houseplant care and troubleshooting. This webinar is an… Read More

Create a Party Pot Planter

As we enter into the season of holidays and gatherings, join us as our Container Design expert, Jen Strobel, shows us how to create fun, seasonal… Read More

Webinar: Plants in Art vs. Plants as Art

We’re familiar with plants as inspiration for artists in many mediums. Think Monet’s Water Lilies, 16th Century Dutch Masters Floral Still Lives, Georgia O’Keeffe’s Calla Lilies… Read More

Webinar: Nature’s Best Hope

We are honored to welcome Doug Tallamy, professor in the University of Delaware Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, and notable author of several books. In… Read More

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